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Ode to Strawinsky (piano and 7 percussionists)

Length: 7'15"
Nº Percussionists: 7
Instruments: Keyboard, xylophone, 2 marimbas, vibraphone, orchestra bells, güiro, cabazza, tambourine, drum set, castanets, bass drum, cabazza, sleigh bells, timpani chinese blocks, hand cymbals, pailas (timbaletas), bongos, cow bells, 2 tom toms, tam tam, splash cymbal
Composition extracted from "Babel" for 12 percussionist, keyboard and clarinet.
Premiered in 1990 at the "Quincena Musical de San Sebastián" (Basque Country)
(Spain) by the group of San Sebastian´s High Conservatory.” This symphony of the world, very pleasant to lisento, may enter "por la puesta grande" (triumphantly)
The framework of what Eric Satie called "une misique d´ameublement" (review by Philippe Barrere, journal Sub Ouest, 3rd September 1990)

This work was part of the repertoire interpreted by this group at Zaragoza´s Auditorium in February 1997 in the International chamber Groups contest, where they obtained the Honours Diploma as well as obtaining First Prize at the International Percussion Groups contest organised by Rotary Club in Clamart (Paris) in May of the same year.

Recorded in a studio.
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Ode to Strawinsky (piano and 7 percusionistas)
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