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Frequently Asked Questions
. What do I get when I purchase a score?
The general score.
The parts (the score of each instrument).
. What format are the scores presented in?
. Do I need any kind of software to use these scores?
Yes. Software for PDF. The most common, and free, is Acrobat Reader.
If you don´t have this program, click here to download it (download)
. Can the scores be printed?
Yes. The scores are available for high quality printing.
. Do I need any software for the MP3?
Yes, most computers include installed software which can reproduce MP3 files
. How many scores can I download?
All those which you have included in your shopping trolley.
. Where can I download the scores from?
From two places.
1: When the purchase is made I can download the files directly.
2: At any time, from the user's account.
. Do the downloads of the scores expire?
No. The purchased scores can be downloaded as often as you like and whenever you wish.
. Am I allowed to perform these works in any place or situation?
Yes, provided that the title of the work and the author are stated
. Am I allowed to perform these works to record albums, videos, etc?
Yes, provided that the title of the work and the author are stated.
. Am I allowed to distribute the scores?
No. The scores are for the exclusive use of the purchaser, this being understood as the natural person or juristic person (conservatory, orchestra, etc.) who purchases them.
. Am I allowed to arrange or adapt the scores?
Yes. Provided that they are for the exclusive use of the purchaser and the title and the author of the original score are stated on the arrangement.
. Is the purchase process complicated?
No, it is not. It is very simple. You just need to register as a member. On registration the new member will receive, free of charge, a complete score.
. Is it safe to buy here?
Yes. The paying server uses a completely safe system. Roll doesn't know the details of your card. They are only available to the financial institution which makes the charge to your card.
. Does membership to Roll Productions have any costs?
No. Registering and staying as a member is completely free. Only the price of the score must be paid for when this is purchased.
. Can I withdraw my membership at any time?
Yes, you can. Follow the instructions, and you will find it very easy.
. What are the benefits of being registered?
It is a compulsory requirement to be registered in order to make a purchase. It also allows you to check previous orders that you have placed by means of the direct purchase method, and to download them again at any time.
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